Tuesday, October 12, 2004


For now, this is a corralling point for research on the topic.

Starting blocks:

The guys at boddie.org.uk document their experience with Python and COM although the page focuses on Outlook and Exchange.

However, just before terminating you should check that pythoncom._GetInterfaceCount() returns zero. If non-zero, it means that there is still a reference to a COM object somewhere in your program, and it should be removed. - Mark Hammond

More from Mark... "Python Programming on Win32" By Mark Hammond & Andy Robinson — "Chapter 12 - Advanced Python and COM" (Online Here) covers the nitty gritty of using COM from within Python, paying particular attention to late- versus early- bound dispatch.

Python and Excel is the first google result for "python excel" and contains two useful code fragments. The first is an example of basic python COM operations in Excel, the second shows how to detect users closing excel applications.

A piece on Zope Products from Linux Journal; introduction with examples & HOW-TOs.