Thursday, January 27, 2005

Jabber/Interworlds Tokens

An Interworld token is based on the idea of pills from the first Jabber/Interworlds Blog.

A token is something you get to 'wear' to indicate your affilitation to a world/forum.

Tokens are able to be flagged normally hidden, and then only shown on demand. A token consists of a piece of iw (interworld) signed information which contains the relevant information for the identity in that world. Tokens also contain a link to a uri for the world and a uri to a facility (possibly the challenge bot) for checking the authenticity of the signature. (the check uri [challengebot jid] might need to be specified as a custom field in the world's base page to complicate spoofing attempts)

The method in which a token is acquired is quite amusing to me. Instead of a single challenge for password, the challenge bot will be able to issue a series of challenges. Obviously in the case of a single challenge this simplifies to a password system. But it would be possible to establish questionnaires and/or other interactive sessions which upon successful completion would result in the granting of the token. Thus world tokens can be granted to previously unknown parties based on their ability to satisfy the challenge bot's whimsy.

Tokens can be represented by an icon referenced in the token.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Jabber/MUC Plazas

MUC's are themed meeting places for ppl. It should be possible to flag a person in an muc to add them to your roster, not exchange auth, just add that nick on that muc to your roster.

The problem comes in with one person, one nick, multiple muc rooms. now as long as these MUC rooms are related by some means (same directory server of iets) there should be a way of extending that presence between them.

This is the seed.